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Disaster without a face
All that awaits
At the in-between state
The cliff of seas and questions

Data on the World’s Richest People

For a brief shining moment, one example of an American billionaire — image from YouTube

2020 was a banner year for American billionaires. Their net worth increased by an amazing 466 billion dollars while most of us struggled to weather a global pandemic. This has led to the usual recriminations. Bernie Sanders says there should be no billionaires. Elizabeth Warren says we should tax them more. Both stances are based on morale arguments about how wealth is generated and accumulated. To shed some light on that issue I’ve analyzed Forbes billionaires data from the last few years to show what kind of people become billionaires and how their fortunes are made¹.

How to Become a Billionaire

The average American would…

Protest or Riot — Who Decides?

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Life, Liberty, and Hypocrisy for All

The shocking events of Jan 6, 2021 make for fun media analysis. In one day, the conservatives media became sympathetic to rioters and antagonistic to Capitol Hill police. Coincidentally, the liberal media suddenly valued law enforcement, and was furious that protesters were raiding a federal building that wasn’t the Portland Courthouse.

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Is becomes ought, becomes is again
Doubly strong
All knotted time goes

The Problems with Political Polling

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Almost four years ago, the election of Donald Trump took most by surprise. Even the pessimistic prognosticators gave Trump just a 28% chance of winning. This along with the earlier Brexit vote caused a lot of teeth-gnashing among pundits. Why didn’t we see these results coming? Why were the polls so off?

6 Simple Steps to Prove that Interest Rates don’t Fully Explain SaaS Valuation

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Every year it seems like software companies become more valuable and more central to equity markets. Just this week, the prototypical Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, Salesforce, was added to the Dow Jones Industrial average. It’s now the third largest component of the index. Since the Covid crisis, the accretion of value to these companies has even accelerated.

A Simple Multivariate Analysis of the Covid Pandemic

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Thoughts on Value in News Media

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The Covid crisis seems to be destroying what’s left of mainstream news media. So far Vice, Vox, Bustle, the Outline, Wired, Quartz, and many more outlets have had layoffs or are contemplating deep cuts. Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising. Fields that have free competition and networks effects tend to end up with a few winners and many losers. So far, it looks like the New York Times is destined to become the winner of news, much like Facebook is the winner in social media.

6 Ways That Joe Exotic’s Life Paralleled That Of Our President

The Real Tiger King

What does the popularity of Tiger King have in common with the election of Donald Trump? For one, both represent huge and unexpected cultural phenomena. In fact on March 29, “Tiger King” had more than half as many Google searches as our current president.

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